Growth Companies Strategy
Growth Companies Strategy
This is done through individual interviews and workshops.

Typical situations the growing entrepreneur faces are:

  • Through steady growth and success we are now at a tipping point, how do we perpetuate success, what are next priorities? 
  • How do we deal with growing responsibilities, need for investment and internationalization. 
  • Is the moment right to further internationalize? Do we do this through partnerships, own development or acquisitions?
  • Is my company structured well? Can the workflow be even more efficient? Are we working in a future-oriented way? Are our processes sufficiently systematic and automated?
  • What specific expertise, competencies do I need to realize my further growth? Do we recruit or hire external specialists? 
  • Can our employees follow our growth and do they sufficiently support our ambitions?
  • Will our finances come under pressure because of the investments that growth entails? Can we cut costs? Where do we find additional resources?
Growth Companies Strategy

As fellow entrepreneurs and advisors, we think along with and help entrepreneurs, business owners, start-ups and growers to realize their ideas and plans.  We put ourselves in the situation of the entrepreneur, where necessary we are sounding board and challenger.

Our added value is:


  • Building MOMENTUM
Growth Companies Strategy

We stand for a pragmatic and no-nonsense approach that

  • builds focus, facilitates, unblocks and prioritizes ideas in function of goal and ambition 
  • brings synthesis thanks to good listening, talent for abstraction and structuring, lifting aspects to a higher level, synthesizing and connecting 
  • is committed to work with an honest, positive and critical approach
  • is result-oriented, sets clear goals, ensures disciplined planning and project management and mobilizes the necessary resources (internal and external) 
    • by, for and with people, in close cooperation with the client, his/her team and 
    • in back-to-back with extensive network to bring in relevant ideas and expertise.

Our goal is to get the entrepreneur on the right track and subsequently have the project further realised by his/her own teams and/or experts with specific domain expertise. 

For this we are able to call upon an extensive network and we can take care of further project coordination if necessary.  Central to our approach is that the entrepreneur remains the 'visionary' and supporting leader / coach of his projects. 

Our approach is flexible depending on the goal to be achieved.  Two generic phases we usually go through are:


Over 3 to 5 workdays, we will discuss and analyze your plans and challenges with yourself and other stakeholders, determine what is needed, identify any obstacles to achieving them, and build a high level "roadmap" and action plan with you.


Based on the output of the SCAN phase, we will further concretize the ambitions in collaboration with the entrepreneur and through workshops, focus sessions, etc. with key "stakeholders".  

Then we draw up an action plan, mobilize resources and - if relevant - bring the right experts around the table.  If desired, we also take care of the further project coordination and follow-up.  The main goal is to realize the ambitions.

If desired, we can further guide the entrepreneur in a next step through progress and follow-up meetings, coaching and/or steering groups.

Growth Companies Strategy


  • Scan report with description of challenges and opportunities, elaborated objectives and action plan
  • Recommendations based on Scan exercise
  • Further detail support for action plan, project roadmap, budget, required investments, etc....
Entrepreneurship & Strategy
We combine entrepreneurship with the innovative insights of start-ups, our own experience and our extensive network of experts, thanks to our three core activities: coaching start-ups, investing in start-up companies and actively working with successful entrepreneurs.
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