ubeon is the collaboration platform and business community for independent coaches, consultants and trainers.

Collaboration and cocreation

ubeon is the collaboration platform and business community for independent coaches, consultants, trainers and B2B service providers. We work together in projects for our clients, exchange experience and expertise and continuously cocreate new methods and techniques to help our clients move forward. In this way we realize both our own ambitions and those of our customers.

Why do people join ubeon?

More and more people are deciding to become independent professionals. However, this evolution causes an increasing competitive pressure between independent trainers, coaches and consultants. By working together you can increase your market reach, you can co-brand your brand name with the strong ubeon image, you can exchange, learn and network, you get motivation and energy from relationships you can trust, you get valuable feedback on your ideas and initiatives and you suddenly have real colleagues again. This is how we nurture a close-knit business community with heart and soul, where people know each other well and can build on each other.

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Which benefits do ubeon Associates use the most?

This is different for every member of ubeon. No one is completely the same. For one it will be co-branding. For another, because ubeon is recognized by the Flemish Government, the SME Portfolio. A starter will especially enjoy the discounts you get as an Associate on our training and coaching.

Where we primarily see a unifying factor is that ubeonners are willing to help each other advance. This is how we build a close-knit community of people and companies that becomes closely intertwined with our clients and the hundreds of ubeon Alumni.


How do you become an ubeon Associate?

By expressing your interest and having a chat with us. At that point we can coordinate to see if cooperation - because that's what it is - makes sense for both of us. Then you will be invited to one of the meetings, where you can get to know our community workers and other Associates.

As an Associate, you pay an annual membership fee of 400 euros, which immediately gives you exclusive access to the ubeon business community and the resources for Associates

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