Marc Van den Steen helps executives in SME and corporate companies with strategic decision-making and dealing with change. As a manager you are confronted with continuous change which requires well-considered decisions. Based on his many years of experience, Marc Van den Steen can provide you with optimal support in this respect.

Marc is an expert in change management and customer services. He has 20 years of international management experience as EAME Director Reservations Sales for Sheraton Hotels. Within Sheraton he united the European and Middle East reservations offices in a central office in Cork, Ireland. The office grew from 50 to 450 employees over the years.

With this expertise in restructuring customer services, Marc went on to work for Leisureplanet, Allienté and Amadeus, among others.  

Following that, Marc spent four years in executive development at the Swedish management institute IFL. Marc transferred the Scandinavian expertise in experience-based learning to Belgium.

In this way, Marc developed an offer around Creative Problem Solving. Since 2003, he has led a think tank for corporate executives from several international companies such as Philips, DSM, Daikin Europe, Rockwell Automation, Bombardier and First Data Corporation.

That original 2003 group will meet three times a year until 2030 with a mix of diehards, such as Indaver and Philips, and new members. Marc started a second group in 2016 in which SME business leaders, entrepreneurs and top officials tackle each other's challenges. This second group has a focus on the Belgian market.

Are you facing a difficult choice? Follow the example of Philips, RealDolmen and Delhaize and present your challenge to a ubeon Creative Problem Solving think tank.  

In such a group you get refreshing insights from experienced colleagues from totally different sectors. You will transcend your tunnel vision and return home with advice that you can put to work immediately.
As a certified NLP trainer, coach and facilitator, Stephan Vanhaverbeke guides people and teams to make them work together more effectively. Stephan started his first business in 1993. He built up extensive experience in the marketing and communication sector and founded the training and consulting company ubeon in 2004.

He has been providing training in communication since 1997. His extensive experience as a trainer, coach and facilitator is reflected in a great flexibility towards working methods.

As a certified NLP trainer, Stephan combines Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) with systems theory. By applying these principles and techniques, a new space is created where ideas, trust, cooperation and a shared vision emerge spontaneously. This 'generative field' has a stimulating and motivating effect on each individual participant and the whole. Problems become options. Options become opportunities for personal and professional development and growth.

Since 2010 Stephan focuses on coaching people and teams in medium and large organizations so that they are also able to work together in a sustainable way.