Strong professional advisor, trilingual with a focus on business growth and strong experience in Risk & Insurance management Bart has always been focused on providing advice. Since the beginning of his career at the end of the 90s, he has been helping business owners in risk-related situations.

The "more difficult" the situation, the more challenging

Over the years he gained experience with small, medium-sized and multinational companies. A knowledge he will be happy to put at the disposal of managers and important stakeholders in SMEs.

Since 2008 Bart works in a consultancy environment. He likes "difficult" situations, the more challenging the better. From his background, Bart will preferably start from taking a "picture" of the current situation and screening processes in order to come to improvements. He is a determined consultant, in the sense that he will not be influenced by external factors within the advice and implementations when he is not convinced of the added value.

In 2014, Bart founded Eye on Risk. A consulting firm for independent risk and insurance advice. Bart analyzes the current and future risks in your company and offers solutions and ICT tools on but for managing and controlling your risks.

Since the end of 2019, Bart is taking on a new challenge at Thexton Armstrong BE as a business advisor. With an international approach that has also proven itself locally, Bart will look together with you at aale business units and will ensure that the company will work for you again. And not the other way around.
Stephen guides SMEs in the development of their (digital) strategy and the implementation of changes to become more efficient and to grow. Stephen has an economic/financial/technical background and worked his way up to General Manager at Omron Electonics. In 2006 he founded his first own company and supported several SMEs as interim and crisis manager. Since 2010 he specializes in change & digital transformation and has executed dozens of large change projects. In 2020 he founded Wise Owl Consulting and in 2021 Peoples.Engineer followed.

Stephen thus has years of experience in automation and transformation. His people-oriented approach makes him special so that change projects always achieve the intended results. He succeeds in doing things where others do not and thus does not run away from a difficult challenge. He believes that excellence can only be achieved by teams that share a vision and are fully committed to what they do, both intellectually and emotionally.

As business manager of Wise Owl Consulting, he mainly takes care of the "change" aspect in digital transformations. The company is part of an ecosystem of companies that are all involved in digital transformations in one way or another.

At Wise Owl Consulting, they work with the client to analyze their specific target market, their processes & structures to draw out a concrete customized strategic plan. The company does not only look for cost savings, but also focuses on taking advantage of market opportunities. They guide the outlined change trajectory and involve the employees at all possible levels to ensure maximum involvement, which greatly increases and perpetuates the results of the trajectory.

His main activities are therefore change management projects that often start with helping to make strategic choices and where he facilitates the change from beginning to end. He is also a mentor for young business leaders and helps SMEs to take steps in digitalization by implementing the OOdoo bedrijfssuite.


What is your personal ambition Stephen?

"I wish to see Wise Owl Consulting and Peoples.Engineer grow into platforms where senior consultants feel at home and form the bridge between people and technology through efficient change projects."




Wolt:  Wolt is a Finnish company and delivers healthy food via bicycle couriers in many countries.

Medix Biochemica: Medix Biochemica is a Finnish company with several branches in Finland, USA, China and produces amongst others CoVid tests,....

Amsted: Amsted is a French-American company specialized in the monitoring of transport by rail and sea.

Europarcs: Europarcs is a Dutch company that builds vacation parks, sells cottages and takes care of renting them out.

Shots: Shots is a Dutch company that sells toys for adults in Europe and the USA.

Vemedia: Vemedia is a Dutch manufacturer and distributor of pharmaceutical products.

Footstep, Aarova, Ryhove: bespoke companies

Focus on the human being in the organization! As the son of a small businessman, he was always fascinated in the business world and the human interactions that take place in it.

In 1985 he had the opportunity to realize his wish as a 'management consultant' for two years in his own hometown of Antwerp in what was then the largest port company.

Subsequently he realized assignments in different types of companies of all sizes and nature, spread all over Europe. During this period he held various positions within implementation consulting firms, evolving from project manager and business analyst to Operations Director BeLux and partner.

Focus on the human being in the organization!

During the various assignments, the interaction with his clients is always paramount.

This approach is still appreciated by our clients during the coaching and guidance of various change processes.

Steven quickly understood that this profession is grafted on results through and with people. He always puts the focus on that, whatever the issue. This ranges from productivity and process improvement to business redesign, integration projects and executive coaching on strategic issues.

Through a systemic approach tailored to the complexity and continuous change in our contemporary society, Peter Blokland brings clarity and vitality to your organization. Respect and attention for each other and creating and protecting value for your organization and its stakeholders, are the basis for more success. During a career in the Air Force, Peter Blokland developed a passion for continuous improvement. He translated this into his own model and a complete management strategy.

Peter Blokland's career in the Air Force was characterized by the constant need for improvement. For himself, as a pilot, instructor, staff officer, squadron commander and aviation accident investigator. For others, whom he guided to higher levels of safety and success in these roles. Status quo was never an option, improvement a must.

During his career, Peter learned to interact with team members from very diverse backgrounds. He also gained experience in improving ingrained processes and implementing new services. For example, he was involved in the continuous improvement of special weapons security at SHAPE and the ongoing development of specific NATO exercises.

Peter combined this experience in a unique learning and improvement model and the Total Respect Management strategy. This leads to an effective and sustainable corporate culture, with a focus on CSR.

Your company pursues concrete goals. Each goal entails a risk. With the right tools you gain insight into these risks and manage them better by making better decisions. In this way you expand your possibilities and reduce costs. So you win twice!

With Total Respect Management (TR3M) Peter Blokland introduces a management method that arms your company against unforeseen circumstances and ensures sustainable growth. It takes into account what already works well in your organization. This makes TR3M the perfect complement to e.g. ISO 9000, EFQM, LEAN, 6-Sigma, VCA etc. Also SMEs with growth potential and without an explicitly developed strategy can use this method.

TR3M is also a standardized, universally applicable method for creating value, preventing and solving problems, improving results and making decisions. It creates an effective and sustainable corporate culture, with a focus on CSR.

Our workshops and training courses put you on the road to Total Respect Management. The best, most sustainable results are achieved with tailored advice and training.
When you meet Hugo, you also meet his extensive network. Due to his years of commitment to various networking organizations and platforms, Hugo is known as 'the' networker of Flanders. Hugo moderates 8 x per year an intervision evening with and for SME's and their (managing) employees. Themes are general and common in several SME companies. 

The themes are determined in consultation with a group of regular participants. The intention is to share knowledge and experience with like-minded people. The great thing is that you can learn from setbacks and successes of a colleague. 

It is also important that you can test certain challenges in a closed circle.  Much is possible, nothing is required and all this in a strong respect and trust with and for each other.  Hugo ensures the presence of a case holder and/or (experience) expert.

Hugo ensures that entrepreneurs (especially SMEs) have time for their core business.

Hugo as a generalist 'pure sang' is asked to:

Look for creative simple (cheap) solutions to optimize daily operations (increase turnover, targeted promotional actions, reduce costs, increase turnover, monitor pricing, customer management, ....)
Grow the staff from employees to co-workers in the company, especially by increasing the cooperation between the employees and the management, for example by

implementing and following up on employee startups;
formal interviews based on predefined functional performance objectives;
competence management and associated tools (training/guidance) to maintain and grow the level of employees. Added value for employees = added value for the company;
regular informal (planned) activities (personally oriented simple team buildings (read warm/personal welcome by the manager);

Tools Hugo uses include:

elaboration of a SWOT (strength/weakness) analysis
SCRA (Symptom, Cause, Remedy and Actions) where people from various companies and sectors meet, exchange expertise and learn to work together.

Besides organizing these platforms and attracting professionals, Hugo can also act as a networker and facilitator.

Finally, Hugo has a wide network of press relations, which can directly contribute to the enhancement of the corporate image.

As IT project and change manager, Erik Lauwers ensures the successful integration of IT systems by giving extra substance to better cooperation between the various stakeholders. Since 2009 he has coached over 600 people in teams and individuals under the EquiCircles banner. Erik Lauwers already delivered 60+ metaprofile analyses that gave his clients a better understanding of their own thinking and that of their colleagues and teams. In addition, he is the driving force behind GoLive! : ubeon's collaboration platform of independent professionals and has a knack for developing tools that support the business of independents and collaboration.

As Senior Project Manager for General Motors Europe, Erik was responsible for the roll-out of the global HR system in 10 European countries, within a BPO contract. Important here were the restoration and facilitation of collaborative relationships between the actors within projects and operational areas in an HR context. The spread across different locations, companies and cultures increased the complexity of this assignment.

As Functional Application Manager for Ernst & Young (Netherlands), Erik took care of the management of all changes, releases, maintenance and projects of the HR system. Also the organization of problem handling, process management for application management and methodology development were important result areas.

As Project Manager for Erik Lauwers took care of the worldwide deployment of travel websites in 20 countries. This project included not only website-related workflows but also marketing, fullfillment partners, etc.

More than two thirds of IT system implementations 'go wrong' somewhere because insufficient attention is paid to integration after completion of the IT project. However, the completion of an implementation project means the beginning of the real work for the organization that will have to integrate the change to realize the benefits. Good collaboration is more than a prerequisite for this. It is a lever with impact throughout the organization.

Next to his expertise in IT-implementation projects, Erik Lauwers developed EquiCircles(*), a unique teambuilding that strengthens the collaborative attitude on a conscious and subconscious level. This way teams increase their innovative, problem-solving and self-managing capabilities.

Erik Lauwers has been a GoLive! business coach for years. He also helps self-employed people and SMEs to save time by automating their business systems.

(*)EquiCircles is a series of innovative team coaching formulas in which the collaborative attitude is addressed and deepened. A powerful mix of NLP techniques, such as working with Meta programs, and Equicoaching (coaching with horses) works on both a conscious and subconscious level. Participants thus develop in a sustainable way the skills and attitude to work better together.

Bob Cornelis 'solves your logistics problems' - supply chain expert for SMEs and healthcare institutions in change towards digital, sustainable operational excellence. Also via Lego serious play workshops. Bob Cornelis has over 20 years of experience in supply chain management with medium and large companies in various sectors. He is constantly adding to this practical experience with new knowledge through training and education.

Bob Cornelis built up his supply chain expertise as a buyer, warehouse manager, materials manager, warehouse manager, project manager and director. He developed a problem-solving, results-oriented approach and experienced the importance of smooth cooperation with stakeholders and team members.

That collaboration requires good communication; Bob Cornelis speaks four languages fluently. His training keeps him on top of the problems and questions that course participants are confronted with. That's how he keeps his finger on the pulse.

Bob Cornelis is an assertive manager and problem solver. His pragmatic leadership style relies on a consultative approach and an emphasis on teamwork. He is highly stress resistant.

A well-developed supply chain guarantees that your goods and information flow smoothly from A to Z. The result? You reduce your costs and increase your profits.

Bob works on every link of your logistics chain with a logical step-by-step plan. In doing so, he fulfills various roles:

As a consultant, he analyzes the current supply chain and looks for the best solution. He carefully prepares this to guarantee a smooth implementation.
As an interim manager, he implements the chosen solution. He carries out a pragmatic action plan and consults closely with users. In this way he ensures rapid progress and greater confidence.
As a coach, he gives your organization a dynamic that permanently looks for optimizations in the Supply Chain. He motivates your employees by giving them opportunities and successes.

So Bob Cornelis stands for more than technical or academic Supply Chain expertise. He creates support for optimization and ensures that action plans are realized. His energetic, people-oriented approach is his trademark.
Stefaan Vandooren guides medium-sized companies in setting up and improving their Supply Chain in a local and international context. Stefaan Vandooren has extensive experience in warehouse and inventory management, planning, forecasting and transportation.

Stefaan completed an IT education and first worked as an analyst-programmer. He developed and implemented various software for forecasting and inventory management.

After several (management) courses, Stefaan worked as a manager including forecasting, logistics and supply chain at several large international companies. He implemented new inventory management models, transferred the supply chain philosophy and improved the efficiency of warehouses, processes, organization ...

Stefaan's powerful outside-the-box thinking came from a combination of analytical thinking and creativity. He learned to bridge the gap between management, business operations and IT.

Now Stefaan independently provides coaching and training in supply chain management and you can engage him as a consultant, interim or project manager.

Companies are faced with rapidly changing markets, new regulations and evolving technologies. This means: always an opportunity for improvement.

Stefaan has been internationally active in Supply Chain Management for over twenty years. As a Change Manager, he makes the link between IT, Operational and Strategic Management, e.g. in the context of:

implementation of (new) software, techniques and technologies
competitive advantage through efficiency improvements
restructuring of the supply chain

He achieves strategic objectives by aligning and embedding organization, processes, systems and people in your business. This ensures sustainability, continuity and improved results.

Stefaan helps to convey the 'big picture' while going into detail. He efficiently applies the new ideas, principles and regulations and integrates them into the specific context of your company.

Stefaan wrote a book on Change Management in collaboration with Mark Coenen.

Some satisfied readers about Stefaan's book (Dutch) 'Succesvol verandering implementeren':

Oh no, just another book about change, there we go again from "as is to to be". I confess, I was wrong. This book is a powerful tool. Read it and use it; your company, your employees and yourself will benefit." - M. Van den Steen

'In change, you walk an ... unknown path', so write the authors of this book. And they are right. After all, a change process is not an improvement process (improve what we already do), it is a learning process (find and take different paths). In other words, we let go of our carefully constructed hold on the past. - Prof. Herman Van den Broeck

This book is an easy read and the many practical examples are recognizable and inspiring. (...) They help us to see things in perspective and to take a broader view. Thanks for sharing! - K. Van Belle