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As a ubeon Associate, you get access to our platform and business community. There you will collaborate with fellow Associates and find twelve resources that you, as a ubeon Associate, will have exclusive access to. As a ubeon Associate, you get exclusive access to twelve resources, which you can use to support your business.

Cooperation and exchange of business opportunities

We work together in a variety of areas. Mainly you will be asked to play an executive role in an assignment generated by ubeon. Anyone who generates an assignment (as an associate or partner of ubeon) can get a commission for it. In this way we stimulate the passing on of assignments and business opportunities.

Regularly we see that associates (individually or together) develop a new offer. They can use the ubeon marketing and sales platform to sell their training, coaching, e-learning, workshop, advice or other products or services through the ubeon network or the ubeon website.

Finally, we also exchange knowledge and experiences on a regular basis. Everyone is invited to contribute from his or her area of expertise. New insights and techniques often emerge from these brainstorming sessions, intervision and cocreation exercises. And this continuous, co-creative innovation is essential for us as knowledge workers to be able to guide our clients in an incisive manner.

Use of the SME Portfolio Qualification

Associates can - under certain conditions - make use of our SME Portfolio qualification. As a group we provide for the five-yearly investment required to obtain (and maintain) this qualification. When carrying out an assignment for which our SME portfolio qualification is applicable, ubeon Office will ensure that all the administrative obligations involved are followed up in detail with all the parties concerned.

In this way we relieve our Associates and Partners, so that they can fully focus on the content of their assignment.

Preferential rental rate halls Oosterhoeve

Would you like to organize an introduction, workshop, coaching or training? As an associate you enjoy a significant discount on the rates of meeting and training rooms in the Oosterhoeve (Oosterzele). If you want to use our rooms for promotional purposes, as an Associate you don't have to pay any rent at all. This way, you can have your first meetings with potential clients in a perfect setting.

Discount on training courses from the ubeon Academy

ubeon is regarded very highly regarding the quality of our training and coaching. Again, as an Associate you will enjoy important benefits. You can get up to 50% discount on business coaching and up to 500 euro discount on certain trainings. Since almost all Associates make use of these discounts, we know that they are very much appreciated.

Discount on membership UNIZO

As a partnership, we maintain close contacts with other business networks such as unizo. Your affiliation with ubeon entitles you to (group) discounts. That way you save a lot of money.

Discount on business support services from ubeon

As an independent professional, it is not easy to get everything done. Because in addition to carrying out assignments and selling services, you also have to deal with invoicing, following up (late) payments, grants, administration, insurance, telephone prospecting, putting together online marketing campaigns, rolling out your online marketing campaigns, analyzing their effectiveness, producing video, proofreading texts, making Powerpoint presentations, printing syllabi, promoting and selling your products and services online, online sales administration, preparing quotes, following up registrations, etc. Fortunately, as an ubeon Associate you can come to us for a lot of relief at very favourable rates.

Free participation in ubeon networking events

ubeon organizes interesting networking activities for our Associates throughout the year. Every two months there is our classic 'First Friday' networking brunch where we brainstorm together, do intervision or get to know the offerings of fellow Associates. In addition, twice a year you can meet ubeon clients. These introduction evenings are excellent moments to get to know people who are already very fond of ubeon. Finally, every year we also organize three networking evenings for our Associates and Alumni, combined with a company visit, debate evening, reception or 'Brains & BBQ'.

Free production of 90'' promotional video for online marketing

The power of Social Media is indispensable for your personal branding and promotion of your products or services. We support our Associates in this by making a promotional video of ±90 seconds, in which you can highlight the strengths of your offer. This video is recorded, edited and shared by us on various channels.

You can of course use this video for your own marketing and promotional purposes.

SEO-optimized profile

The website has been optimized to be easily found through popular search engines. By placing your profile on our site you increase the chance of being found. We prepare this with care, so your profile becomes a channel for lead generation using the right search terms. From your ubeon profile page you can link to your own website(s), blog, LinkedIn profile and vice versa. This way you boost your findability on the web. And of course we will place your promo video on your ubeon profile page!

Free Peer-Review of your offer, products and services

This is another typical ubeon resource that is much appreciated by our Associates. When you have developed something new; a workshop, an e-book, a coaching program or a management method, you can present this to a closed panel of ubeon Associates and external experts. They give you constructive feedback so that you can further refine your offer. This Peer Review Panel(PRP) ensures an increase in the quality of your offering and is a cornerstone of our partnership.

For many ubeon Associates and ubeon Alumni, their P.R.P. has meant the push to profile themselves as experts in a particular field.

Free sharing of your blogs, articles, videos on our social media channels

We don't just share your "90 seconds of fame" video. You can also pass on interesting articles, videos, podcasts, e-books, etc. to our marketing staff so that they can share them on our channels on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube. We will also 'boost' interesting or successful posts by throwing some of our marketing budget at them. This way you multiply the reach of your message and the effectiveness of your marketing communication.

Your brand or company name in the spotlight thanks to co-branding

As a self-employed professional, you may be very aware of the "branding" you are conducting. Either under your own name or under the name of your company or the brand names with which you have christened your products or services. As an Associate of ubeon you can boost the visibility and awareness of your brand by co-branding it with ubeon. By doing so you associate the quality of your services and products with the high quality perception that ubeon enjoys. Moreover, it becomes clear to the outside world that you are part of a broad community of professionals.