Through a systemic approach tailored to the complexity and continuous change in our contemporary society, Peter Blokland brings clarity and vitality to your organization. Respect and attention for each other and creating and protecting value for your organization and its stakeholders, are the basis for more success. During a career in the Air Force, Peter Blokland developed a passion for continuous improvement. He translated this into his own model and a complete management strategy.

Peter Blokland's career in the Air Force was characterized by the constant need for improvement. For himself, as a pilot, instructor, staff officer, squadron commander and aviation accident investigator. For others, whom he guided to higher levels of safety and success in these roles. Status quo was never an option, improvement a must.

During his career, Peter learned to interact with team members from very diverse backgrounds. He also gained experience in improving ingrained processes and implementing new services. For example, he was involved in the continuous improvement of special weapons security at SHAPE and the ongoing development of specific NATO exercises.

Peter combined this experience in a unique learning and improvement model and the Total Respect Management strategy. This leads to an effective and sustainable corporate culture, with a focus on CSR.

Your company pursues concrete goals. Each goal entails a risk. With the right tools you gain insight into these risks and manage them better by making better decisions. In this way you expand your possibilities and reduce costs. So you win twice!

With Total Respect Management (TR3M) Peter Blokland introduces a management method that arms your company against unforeseen circumstances and ensures sustainable growth. It takes into account what already works well in your organization. This makes TR3M the perfect complement to e.g. ISO 9000, EFQM, LEAN, 6-Sigma, VCA etc. Also SMEs with growth potential and without an explicitly developed strategy can use this method.

TR3M is also a standardized, universally applicable method for creating value, preventing and solving problems, improving results and making decisions. It creates an effective and sustainable corporate culture, with a focus on CSR.

Our workshops and training courses put you on the road to Total Respect Management. The best, most sustainable results are achieved with tailored advice and training.
Wat de deelnemers daadwerkelijk leren tijdens de opleiding bepaal je in grote mate door je voorbereiding
Ben je professioneel als trainer actief of denk je je carrière in die richting te sturen?
Niettegenstaande de meeste mensen nieuwsgierig en leergierig zijn houden ze niet van het klassieke ‘klaslokaal’ om iets te leren.
Leer webinars en web meetings begeleiden en maximaliseer het resultaat
Leer faciliteren via diverse werkvormen en maximaliseer het leereffect en de leerervaring.  

As a Motivational Speaker, Hans gives speeches that motivate and inspire your people. As an Inspirational Coach, he supports you in getting your stories right yourself. Provider of Optimism and Inspiration is his job title and that is also what you can turn to Hans for:

Inspiring and motivating employees to achieve goals more efficiently,
Inspire management on situational mastery and communication,
Inspire clients by telling interesting stories about services and products,
Inspire an audience with entertaining keynotes about 'life', 'the brain' or 'NLP',
Let yourself be inspired to get rid of a limiting belief or a certain habit.

Hans bundles Storytelling, NLP and Art of Hosting with his own techniques and a personal touch. His approach supports various methods and programs.

With Hans you get a non-conformist source of optimism and inspiration that operates very far from the box. He brings an exceptional energy that is highly appreciated by his audiences and clients, leading to positive energy and inspiration for your people and better results for your business.

As a personal efficiency trainer and coach, Koen supports executives and employees to achieve desired outcomes. The best time to change is NOW. However, it is not always that simple to take the bull by the horns. That is why Koen will work with you. Both as trainer and coach Koen holds up a mirror to people so that they become aware of their own organizational blindness. This in the context of the individual, a team or a company.

For each individual, with an eye for everyone's authenticity and with a long-term view Koen coaches people in their change process.

Leadership starts with you

Koen integrates various tools and techniques, which he applies according to what managers and employees do and need in specific situations. For these people, it then becomes clear what the next steps are, so that they feel like taking them. Koen takes a very pragmatic approach and moves people from 'what should' happen to 'what is needed'.

He thus takes the role of trainer, coach or facilitator of change at the level of role and identity, personal or collective beliefs, working methods and behavior of people.

Other rolles of Koen:

Customer Relationship Mindsetter 

Customer Relationship Management
Sales and Retention Management
Sustainable Business Development

Brain Trainer

Memory & Concentration
Time Management & Self Organisation (GTD)
Speed Reading & Mind Mapping

Managementor - Inspirator - Coach

Start ups & Next steps
People Management & Leadership

As a certified NLP trainer, coach and facilitator, Stephan Vanhaverbeke guides people and teams to make them work together more effectively. Stephan started his first business in 1993. He built up extensive experience in the marketing and communication sector and founded the training and consulting company ubeon in 2004.

He has been providing training in communication since 1997. His extensive experience as a trainer, coach and facilitator is reflected in a great flexibility towards working methods.

As a certified NLP trainer, Stephan combines Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) with systems theory. By applying these principles and techniques, a new space is created where ideas, trust, cooperation and a shared vision emerge spontaneously. This 'generative field' has a stimulating and motivating effect on each individual participant and the whole. Problems become options. Options become opportunities for personal and professional development and growth.

Since 2010 Stephan focuses on coaching people and teams in medium and large organizations so that they are also able to work together in a sustainable way.