Arold Langeveld
Presentationcoach / Expert Speechtrauma
Executive Presentationcoach / Expert Speechtrauma
You know you can come across as much more empowered in front of a group? Would you like to radiate more tranquility? You don't show the most authentic part of yourself when you speak? Do you suffer from unhealthy tension? Because you are afraid of coming across as unprofessional? Difficulty with critical questions?

As a CEO, director or manager, you want to be assisted on an individual basis in your preparation for an important presentation. Arold has years of experience with speakers who present at the highest level. With executive speakers, it is very important to communicate in a professional, convincing and attractive way in front of large and small groups and/or a camera.

Executive Presentation Coaching applies to CEOs, board and MT members, BN'ers, politicians, top athletes, TEDx speakers, university lecturers, lawyers and any presentation that is recorded for television, internet and/or other media purposes. Coaching takes place in Belgium in Brussels, Antwerp and Ghent. In the Netherlands in The Hague, Amsterdam and Utrecht. Presentation coaching can also take place at your own location.

Arold, owner of Speaking Happens, also has unique expertise and experience in the field of speech trauma; severe fear of speaking as a result of a painful experience during a presentation. Through careful guidance, your fear will be replaced by regained self-confidence and the joy of speaking, so that you no longer have to avoid many situations in which you 'have to' speak.



- Monday, 28 January, 2019
Spreektrauma Ernstige spreekangst als gevolg van een pijnlijke ervaring met spreken in het openbaar. Gevolg: niet meer durven presenteren voor groepen. Het inzetten van vluchtgedrag kan daar op volgen: afzeggen, vermijden, excuses verzinnen en geen werk aanvaarden waarbij presenteren een onderdeel van de functie…