Deborah Van den Bos
Team Coach Expert
Team Coaching
Coach in visibility and impact for aspiring professionals, leaders and entrepreneurs

Advice, coaching and training to strengthen human skills in an increasingly digital world with which you distinguish yourself as an individual or team and make a positive impact.

Develop your personal skills for more visibility and self-confidence. Strengthen your communication, presentation, emotional intelligence, focus & flow.

Treeconnections is focused on personal growth and development. Founder Deborah van den Bos advises, coaches and trains experts, professionals and leaders in strengthening precisely those personal skills with which you make impact, you present yourself in a professional way and you increase your influence.

Those who have self-insight, focus and self-confidence and combine this with great adaptability are top performers in business and organizations. Those who can really connect and know how to connect others to them (or their ideas).

In the digital & technological transformation we are in, the 'human factor' is the most important tool to continue to stand out. It requires us to not only think differently but also do differently. The bigger the stretch we have to make the more important the human touch is. Therefore, focus on strengthening these skills to have a positive impact on your environment.

Personal skills we help you excel in are:

  • Communicating in a connective way (EQ)
  • Convincing presentation
  • Personal leadership
  • Focus & Flow (attention management)
  • Feedback & feedforward
  • Coaching leadership

In my approach I combine 20 years in management and board positions in a continuously changing environment with scientific insights from positive psychology, an approach from an appreciative perspective and brain-based learning.

Both at individual and at organizational and team level, I provide advice and training in enhancing communication and presentation, growth and job satisfaction. My approach is characterized by increasing open communication and trust, growth acceleration and self-management.