Rachida Ouchoukout
Career & Life Coach
Career & Life Coach
Coach & Mentor to Excellent Teamwork from Diversity to Inclusion: safe and sustainable.

Career/Personal coach: In an intuitive and thoughtful way we bring out the best in you. What you know and feel subconsciously, we color back in. In this way we sharpen your passion and your career focus.

Making teams, with a diversity of people, work excellently:
As a mentor and coach I support the team members to discover the underlying dynamics and to tackle them so that the road to a judgment-free way of working together is visible again.

Freelance Process counsellor and trainer: diversity, (intercultural) communication, customer-oriented work

My way of working:
Getting very quick to the essence
A clear advice, process and strategy to help the team and individuals find their way in diversity
Quality is one of my highest aims!