Thomas Calis
Expert in Facilitation
You can contact Thomas for a coaching program with Sustatool, the preparation of a Common Good Balance sheet of your organization and the coaching of technical profiles to authentic leadership.

As an engineer, Thomas is naturally strong in understanding, improving and connecting systems.

Putting these talents to work for 10 years at the Belgian company SecureLink made him part of a spectacular growth story.

During this growth Thomas learned to understand, support and connect people in addition to technology.

Since then, he has been teaching about management and organizations and helping organizations to find their link back to the larger system.

Purpose (Globe + It)

An organization needs a widely supported purpose. This purpose must be supported (together) and go beyond the organization (contribute to all stakeholders).

I don't care what you call it: purpose, mission, raison d'être, BHAG, long-term strategy, ...

Only when every employee wants to chisel this purpose on his tombstone, I am satisfied.

Trust (We)

An organization consists of people.

People work together best on the basis of trust.

Trust grows out of competence, loyalty and integrity.

Trust is daring to be vulnerable with each other and results in doing the right thing even without control.

Trust is vulnerable.

Trust is contagious.

I help people in an organization to work together on the basis of trust.

Confidence (Me)

Me = Ok ?

Everything starts with this.
A necessary condition for further personal growth and growth of the organization.