Tony Janssens
Expert in Change Management
Change Management Expert
Focus on the human being in the organization!

As the son of a small businessman, he was always fascinated in the business world and the human interactions that take place in it.

In 1985 he had the opportunity to realize his wish as a 'management consultant' for two years in his own hometown of Antwerp in what was then the largest port company.

Subsequently he realized assignments in different types of companies of all sizes and nature, spread all over Europe. During this period he held various positions within implementation consulting firms, evolving from project manager and business analyst to Operations Director BeLux and partner.

Focus on the human being in the organization!

During the various assignments, the interaction with his clients is always paramount.

This approach is still appreciated by our clients during the coaching and guidance of various change processes.

Steven quickly understood that this profession is grafted on results through and with people. He always puts the focus on that, whatever the issue. This ranges from productivity and process improvement to business redesign, integration projects and executive coaching on strategic issues.