NLP Masterclass - Personal Mastery & Generative NLP
NLP Masterclass - Personal Mastery & Generative NLP
Helping people improve their lives is one of the world's oldest professions

For whom is this training?

For anyone who followed the Systemic NLP Practitioner and wants to deepen their systemic insights.

Why this training?

Who doesn't feel challenged when a colleague, friend or family member takes you aside to offer help, advice or a listening ear on a personal matter? Should we put on the 'coaching' hat straight away? Perhaps not.

Mastery means that you can work from your deepest 'I', an interplay of Ego & Soul. Generative means that what you do, delivers something. And that is not necessarily a ready-made solution, but often an openness that allows and welcomes a natural solution.

NLP Masterclass - Personal Mastery & Generative NLP

What will you learn in this course?

  • The Patterns of Mastery
  • The Archetypal Energies
  • Developing a personal ecology
  • Vision, Mission, Ambition & Role: "Ego & Soul".
  • Evoking Presence & Trance States in yourself and others
  • The principles of the Relational Self
  • The principles of Active Sponsorship
  • Cultivating a 'Generative Field Mind' (NLP procedure)
  • Generating a 'Future Self' (NLP procedure)


Certified Trainer, Coach & Facilitator
As a certified NLP trainer, coach and facilitator, Stephan Vanhaverbeke guides people and teams to make them work together more effectively.
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