Jelena Cecelja
Certified Trainer & Coach
Certified Trainer & Coach
Choosing a different approach!

Jelena Cecelja graduated with honors from the Catholic University of Leuven in 2012. She also studied at the bilingual Université de Fribourg - Universität Freiburg in Switzerland in 2011. During her studies, she dedicated herself to the student association of Amnesty International in Leuven.

In 2013 she started her career at the Bar of Antwerp where she built up extensive professional and practical knowledge within personal and family law, commercial law, real estate law, traffic law and criminal law in various small and large law firms.

Through various additional trainings within diverse legal and non-legal domains (training as a juvenile lawyer, recognized curator training, basic training as a mediator and training as an integral coach) she has built up a broad knowledge and can offer you a customized and unique service from various perspectives.

With her sincere, empathic and pragmatic approach, she will explore with you from the first appointment how we can best approach your problem. In doing so, she focuses on one goal: balancing the cost-benefit ratio. In concrete terms this means that together we will always examine whether the start-up or continuation of a case is financially and emotionally feasible for you in the short and long term. Together we look for an acceptable solution. She listens to your concerns and advises you on both the legal and the human level. If possible, she will negotiate and strive for a creative solution in the first place. Realism and pragmatism are her main professional drivers. She believes that the Court should be the last resort. If it does come to a procedure, she will undoubtedly assist you with the necessary legal expertise, decisiveness, thoroughness and persuasiveness. You can also contact her for mediation and for the drafting of settlements and agreements in the context of this mediation.

Your interests come first for her from beginning to end.


- Saturday, 9 May, 2020
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